Discover a World of Investment Opportunities in Hotels

Who we are?

We own and operate select premium hotels. We offering investment opportunities in hotels. We allow investors an opportunity that institutional investors have long enjoyed, with much lower minimums. Investors gain access to the numerous benefits of this asset class while reaping the rewards of our hotel investment management strategy. We create attractive hotel room investment opportunities. 


Our approach is simple. We produce yields by acquiring properties at favorable price points then better manage them for greater profits and appreciation. Share the profits with our investors as dividends annually and then exit the property within 5 years and return the investors capital with substantial gains. Annual dividends can be around 12% and the annualized gain can be over 20% upon sale.


This proven model ensures an exceptional return on investment for our partners, even with a minimum investment for hotel business. If you are looking to invest in hotel properties and unlock the immense potential of the hospitality industry, London Lane Capital provides a trusted and strategic approach. 

With hotel room investment opportunities in the USA, investors gain access to a diverse portfolio of hotel properties, carefully curated by our team of industry experts. Additionally, our exclusive hotel investment fund allows for a more diversified approach, capitalizing on the potential and profitability of hotel rooms investment.

What can we offer

Discover our exceptional hotel investment strategies tailored to your needs. Our team at London Lane Capital will guide you through every step of the process. With a minimum investment for hotel business, gain access to a thriving hotel investment market and capitalize on lucrative opportunities. Benefit from our extensive expertise and market insights, as we help you unlock the potential for remarkable returns in the ever-growing hospitality industry.

Investment in Vetted Hotels

Benefit from our expertise in hotel real estate investments and asset management. Our carefully vetted hotel properties provide an excellent opportunity for lucrative returns and long-term financial growth in the hospitality sector.

Minimums at $50,000 to All Investors

Experience the advantages of hotel room investment in the USA with a minimum investment for hotel business set at just $50,000. London Lane Capital ensures accessibility and inclusivity, offering every investor a chance to participate in the thriving hotel investment market

Annual dividends and lump sum capital upon sale

Our investment approach ensures investors receive regular annual dividends, sharing in the profits generated by our expertly managed hotel properties. Moreover, upon the property's exit, investors realize substantial gains, allowing for a lump sum capital distribution upon sale.

Our Preferred Brands

Our Process


What does London Lane Capital do?


Owns and operates Premium Business Select Hotels. Provides investment opportunities into alternative asset class. London Lane Capital offers attractive investment opportunities in hotels.


How do we make money.


We own and operate the hotels. We are maximizing profits every day. We generate profits, utilizing effective hotel investment management strategies. We benefit by returning high yields to investors via a waterfall structure. We then reinvest in future hotels.


How Do Investors Make Money.


Investors benefit from hotel room investment in the USA through two primary avenues. Annual Dividends. We aim to distribute large percentage of operating profits as dividends. Hotel Sale Profits: Around 5 years or less, we aim to sell the property at a higher price and return all of investors capital plus handsome returns.

Investor Profiles

Most of our investors to date are a result of decades old relationships build on trust, chemistry, history and character.   We have been the biggest investor in our properties by a ratio of 20-1 to the next closely investor.  We are fully vested and committed as active investors. 

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